Decluttering Isn’t Just For The Home; Why You should Tidy Up Your Office

Did you know that 90% of Americans admit that unorganized clutter at work has a negative impact on their lives? The office and your workspace is a place for productivity. Work can also be stressful at times for many of us, and having a messy office certainly does not help. Here are some reasons to keep your office space clean. You will be sure to join in spring cleaning after taking this into consideration!

Make a Good Impression

Coworkers, visitors and potential employees are always coming in and out of your office. If someone walks into your office and sees paper scattered everywhere, yesterday’s coffee and lunch, or whatever else gets piled on top of your desk, they automatically assume you are messy. A clean work space presents yourself in a professional manner. Having a clean and organized workspace will promote that you are a hard worker with a strong work ethic and ready to achieve success. 

Keep Things Under Control

You are about to head into a meeting with a client, or even your boss…you are already late, and you are sorting through papers to find that one important document you need. Surely, this has happened to you as almost every business requires paperwork and documents. Implementing a good organization system in your office is vital. Being able to put documents in a place where they belong will save you time by not having to search through the tons of papers on your desk. 

Increase Productivity

Having a clean office will give you a clean mind. A clean, blank desk will make it a lot easier to be creative. Sometimes it is hard to think when you have a hundred random things surrounding you. When you are on a roll during the day and getting everything done that you need to, being suddenly disrupted in order to find something in your office decreases your productivity. A good, clean office with an innovative, structured designed work space will prevent unnecessary distractions. 

Reduce Stress

Stress at work is inevitable. Between deadlines, customers, clients and finances, you are guaranteed to become stressed. An unorganized work place increases distraction. Not only will an unorganized office distract you, but it will also make you feel more overwhelmed. When you are stressed at work and on a deadline, having a clean and organized office will help you to feel more focused and boost your productivity. 

Save Time

If you think about the amount of time you spend going through the piles of paperwork on your desk looking for one document, or even taking those three minutes to find a pen in the middle of everything on your desk, it adds up. Having an organized desk and keeping documents in a place where they are easy to find will save you time. We suggest investing in a good organization system and every Friday, ten minutes before you leave the office, take the time to place things where they belong. Create a to-do list for the upcoming week so that Mondays will be a fresh new start to your work week! 


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