Custom versus Catalog Office Furniture

When thinking about buying new office furniture it can feel like the easy choice to go with catalog furniture. Custom office furniture may sound daunting, but once you realize the advantages you will never look at catalog office furniture again!

1. Craftsmanship

The furniture at Iron Age Office starts with raw material and ends with our craftsman pre-assembling every piece. How many times have you been putting together a piece of furniture from a big box retail store, and had a missing piece? More times than most can count. Here at IAO we make sure that your pieces fit together perfectly before they are sent to you. This is all part of the craftsmanship experience with custom office furniture. Everything you purchase is made by hand. When you are picking out of a catalog you don’t know how it is made, and the quality you will be purchasing.

2. Ability to Make It Your Own

The best part is the ability to make your office furniture you own. From the wire ports to the color of stain on your desk. It is what you want as a consumer want, not what someone else has chosen for you. When looking in a catalog you don’t get to really see what that color of the desk will look like in office space. With custom furniture you are able to request stains and really see what the color looks like in person and in the office space. Making it easier to make the right decision and not just hoping the color will work. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all at IAO. We want to make sure your office furniture will fit in the space. You are able to customize the size. You aren’t restricted to just popular dimensions that may not work in your office space. Making sure your office is exactly what you want is important. Custom furniture can make sure that idea becomes a reality.

3. Dependability/Investment

We all know that custom furniture scares people due to the price tag they “think” it will cost. What some customers don’t realize that in the long run it will be costing you less.  Office furniture from a catalog is usually made with laminated wood. That is not made for the wear and tear of every day work. These desks start to show marks in the “wood” almost immediately. At IAO our desks are made with butcher block that has a 2-part conversion varnish that is meant to last! Also, the cleaning process is simple and easy. Just water and dish soap and your desks will look brand new. You want your business to be around for years to come. Don’t you want your furniture to last that long as well? 

Catalog office furniture may seem like the easier choice, but when it comes down to it custom furniture outweighs all the advantages of catalog. From the way custom furniture is made to how much longer it will last. Your office should empower employees. Catalog furniture can’t do that.

If you are interested in custom office furniture make sure to contact us and see what we at IAO can do for you. 


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