Coolest Office Spaces and How You Can Achieve the Look

It’s no coincidence that some of the coolest looking offices are home to the top performing companies. Google, Facebook, and many other successful companies not only have the most well-designed office spaces but the top performing employees. Perhaps this goes to show there is a difference in tedious, stifling office environments and well-designed office spaces when it comes to performance. We have some examples of the coolest offices out there and how you can capture some creativity for your own office space.


This video gives you a tour into Google’s office. The design might be a little intimidating, but it really is easy to achieve. If you notice, the very first slide really wows people. An office space like this can be easily recreated with the right desks and seating. Once you have those necessary pieces building the décor is simple. Google used large artificial trees to spruce up the environment and make it seem like a relaxing place instead of a suffocating office.


With nearly 40 billion dollars generated in annual revenue, Facebook has become one of the top performing companies in the world. Ever wondered what the office looks like where the magic happens? Here it is! This is a tour of the Menlo Park Office in California. You’ll probably notice there’s not much to the design, but it doesn’t look like your typical office space with cubicles and neutral colored walls. The entire office incorporates the whole “open” concept which is great for collaboration. Looking to recreate this atmosphere? Iron Age has furniture with a similar vibe. For instance, our Carruca workstation is very similar to the tables Facebook has in its office.  This workstation will help to build the open workspace that Facebook has.


Netflix is another successful company that has one of the most creative spaces in the world. If you take a look at the tour of their office, you will notice Netflix’s office uses the open space concept too. What is different about the Netflix Headquarters office is they have made the space seem more like a coffee shop than an office. So how do you achieve this look? It all starts with the furniture that you have, and the rest goes from there! Rather than forcing employees to stay at their assigned workspace, encourage them to work in a space they are comfortable in! By having the right furniture pieces you need like collaborative tables and chairs to build a common work space area, the rest is quite simple.

Looking for more office space inspiration? Visit our gallery to help see the companies we have helped to build their dream offices. They might not be Facebook, Netflix or Google, but they are well on their way to becoming just as successful! At Iron Age Office, we understand the importance of your office space, and we are passionate about helping you achieve the look you’re looking for. To learn more about Iron Age and the work we can do for your office, contact us or visit our website for more information.


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