Commercial Office Design Trends That Are Gaining Traction in 2019

Ten years ago, if you were to walk into an office, you would have noticed small, tight cubicles, huge fax machines, desktop computers and a very unlively atmosphere. Fast forward to today, and we have laptops and tablets that enable us to work from pretty much anywhere. The work place has started to adapt to the changes, including emerging technology. Industries have become more competitive to find the best employees out there, which is why commercial companies have started to “up” their office design. Do you notice that your office design is a bit out of date? Are you opening a new office? We are here to share some of the most popular trends in commercial offices spaces this year.

Designing an Office That Matches Your Identity

Do you take pride in the fact that you work quickly and efficiently? Do you offer a social, engaging work environment? Or is your office more quiet and your team works independently? Companies have now designed their offices to match their identity and work environment. By creating an office design to match your identity, your employees will have a better understanding of your goals and will really be able to impress anyone that walks into the office; whether it be clients or potential employees. Your offices’ interior design will create that first impression you want to give.

Positive Work Spaces

Ever heard the phrase “look good-feel good?” Well, same goes for your office. The environment you are in, and the way it impacts your attitude and emotions, has a lot to do with the way you work. Beautiful, innovative workspaces can make your employees feel good. A positive work environment will make your team more innovative and make problem solving a lot easier.

Privacy Friendly-Workstations

It’s no doubt the work-force today is highly engaged and social. But let’s face it, with all the distractions everyone is faced with including smart phones and other technology, every once in a while, privacy is needed. It’s important to offer your team a versatile work space. By versatile, we mean give them their own space and enough privacy to keep distractions away, but also keep it open enough for your team to communicate and work together as they wish. 

Flexible Work Spaces

Cubicles were a great idea in the past, and a person must have their own work space and desk, but employees today love the idea of taking their laptop or computer wherever they wish, so they can work where they are most comfortable. Maybe they need time away from the desk they have sat in all morning and want a breath of fresh air and change of scenery. New offices today have designated spaces for employees to work when they want to step away from their desk. commercial office design

At Iron Age Office, we enjoy creating work spaces that are just as special as you are. We believe with the right office space, you and your team can achieve anything. To learn more about our products and the trendy office spaces we have created, visit our website or find a sales rep in your area.


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