Best Selling Carruca Industrial Desk

From the very beginning, Iron Age Office had a vision that CEO’s and owners of companies needed nice work spaces. In addition, all employees need to be proud of their work environments. That’s really what started it all. Iron Age Office wanted to create products that made offices stand out to everyone that walked in the room. This is exactly what our Carruca Desks do. These bold and beautiful desks work in any workspace. industrial desk

What would any office be without a desk? Afterall, the desk is what you do all of your work on and generally the first thing anyone notices. The Carruca desk is a timeless piece – something classic that will never go out of style. However, we understand that each office is different, and that there are different needs for different people, which is why we created several styles for you to choose from. Here are some of our most popular, and how you can incorporate them into your office.

Carruca L-Shape Office Desk

Sometimes, no matter how many organizers or storage pieces we have, we find ourselves needing more desk room. If your employees need extra space on their desks, this is a great choice for your company. It’s the classic Carruca look, but with more room. The Carruca L-Shaped Desk looks great against any wall, window or even out in the center of the room. And if you are the ultimate executive that needs even more room, try our U-shaped desk version.

Carruca Sit/Stand Desk

It’s no surprise that standing desks are such a popular trend right now. Sitting for extended hours can be uncomfortable and exhausting. Our Sit/Stand desk lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. This desk allows you to adjust the desk to your height, so you don’t have to worry about the one-size fits all issue. This desk is often paired with the L and U-shaped desk, so you can still have that extra space in addition to a designated area for you to sit and stand as you please. industrial desk

Carruca L-Shape Workstation

If you want to give your employees a workspace they will love, our Carruca L-Shape Workstation is the way to do it. This workspace gives each employee their own space to spread out and work efficiently, but also work closely as a team.  This workstation offers a clean, sophisticated look that goes great in any office. The desks can be sized for two, four, six, or even more people. If you really want to “WOW!” your employees, give them the best of both worlds with a sit/stand workstation.

With so many options, styles and customizations available with our line of Carruca desks and workstations, it’s clear why this is a best-seller. No matter the look you’re going for in your office, there’s sure to be a Carruca option out there for everyone to love. Looking to give your office a new aesthetic that you, your employees and visitors will enjoy? Reach out to us today to discuss design options, possible customization needs and more! This desk will change the way you and your team work.


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