Benefits of Working with a Small Business

National Small Business week was May 5-11, and it’s no surprise that small businesses have an entire week dedicated to them. Each small business has a unique story which drives and motivates the company to provide the best quality and service possible. Curious to know our story? customizable office furniture.

CEO Sean Dineen developed Iron Age Office from a joint collaboration with Michael Stevens, the owner of Southern Machine and Fabrication company. The two actually met while Sean was coaching kids’ soccer. Sean received his bachelor’s degree in graphic design, so he has always had an eye for creativity. This keen eye combined together with Michael’s core manufacturing process, and thus Iron Age Office was born.

Sean first began to build small orders for desks that were not “generic” or poorly made. Over time, he realized the demand for high-quality, innovative office furniture which led Iron Age Office to really come to life. From starting in a small warehouse corner to a 20,000 square foot workshop and a team of skilled professionals, Iron Age Office has earned its place in the office design industry.

While we have grown exponentially, we never forget our roots and identity as a small business that provides high quality products and customer service. customizable office furniture

Dedication to Customizable Office Furniture Options

When you buy from a large seller, most products are made in a factory, which means they’re already made, and you simply buy them how they’re presented. When you work with us however, there is always the option to customize your furniture. From stains to functional adjustability, you have the power to decide the finishing touches your custom office furniture needs. Does your company require office furniture that you aren’t seeing on our website? Talk to us about your needs and we can help provide a specialized solution tailored to your unique situation.

Excellent Customer Service 

Customization is just one way we work to ensure our customers are satisfied. As a small business we dedicate our time to ensuring the success of your office design solution. When you need something, you can expect it to get delivered or done for you as soon as possible. Iron Age Office is dedicated to crafting office spaces that are as unique as you are. Our craftsman take pride in what they do and enjoy that they get to create something that is different, yet powerful.

Every business has their own story. As a small business in particular, ours is the start of our values and continues to show through the work that we do today. When you work with Iron Age Office, you will immediately be able to notice the difference in the way you are treated (and appreciated) as a customer. To learn more about us and our products, visit our website or contact us today!


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