Furnishing Your Bar, Restaurant, or Brewery

Creating the perfect atmosphere in a restaurant, bar, or brewery involves a careful blend of aesthetics and functionality. Beyond just complementing the desired aesthetic, our modern furniture provides numerous benefits tailored to the needs of these spaces. In this blog, we will delve into the functionality of Iron Age Office furniture and explore how our customized strategy to accommodate your individual requirements makes us the perfect choice for furnishing your restaurant, bar, or brewery. brewery furniture

Maximizing Space and Functionality:

At Iron Age Office, we understand that every space is unique. After sending us your floor plan, our interior designers will work closely with you to maximize space and functionality. With a vast selection of tables and seating options, Iron Age Office can bring your establishment to life, ensuring an efficient use of space while maintaining an inviting ambiance. Furthermore, our commitment to customization means that every product is made to order, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your space.

Versatile and Customizable Tables:

The centerpiece of any dining or lounge area is undoubtedly the tables. Iron Age Office offers an impressive variety of tables, available in different heights and dimensions. Whether you need a large conference table for accommodating larger groups or a stylish coffee table for lounge areas, Iron Age Office has you covered. Additionally, we provide credenzas that can house condiments and drink machines, as well as IA Nightstands for convenient storage behind the counter. Regardless of your specific requirements, IAO can craft the perfect table for your establishment. brewery furniture

Durability and Practicality:

One common challenge in the hospitality industry is maintaining sturdy and durable furniture. IAO addresses this issue by constructing our tables with a robust design. Equipped with the option of leveling feet or locking casters, our tables eliminate the need for wobbly furniture (and the inconvenience of stuffing napkins under tipsy tables!) while simultaneously allowing easy movement and rearrangement of tables for busy nights. Additionally, the 1.75″ butcher block tops and specialty stain options ensure easy cleanup of drink spills. Simply wipe them away with soap and water, bidding farewell to unsightly stains and drink rings.

When it comes to furnishing your restaurant, bar, or brewery, Iron Age Office stands out as the perfect choice. Our sophisticated and industrial furniture not only matches the desired aesthetic but also provides unparalleled functionality. From maximizing space to offering a versatile range of tables and ensuring durability, Iron Age Office’s commitment to customization ensures that every aspect of your establishment is catered to. Say goodbye to subpar furniture and embrace the beauty and practicality of Iron Age Office, elevating your hospitality space to new heights. brewery furniture



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