A Guide to An Industrial Style Home

If you’re drawn to the charm and uniqueness of an industrial-style home, this guide will help you bring a sophisticated, urban vibe to your living space. With Iron Age Office’s metalwork and handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture, you can achieve that industrial style from the ground up or through renovation. kitchen furniture

We all know the weight of a good first impression. When you first walk in, the entryway will set the entire tone of the home. So, furniture like modern, industrial console tables and benches are of utmost importance.

Creating a comfortable living room space is all about balancing functionality with aesthetics. Start by selecting inviting furniture pieces that provide ample seating and support. The center of the room, and attention, should be your coffee table. To explore the coffee tables that Iron Age Office offers, click here. It is also important to look at stylish shelving units. Lastly, you want to incorporate soft textures and cozy pillows, blankets, and plush rugs to set the desired mood. kitchen furniture

When you think industrial, you think metalwork and wood furnishings. Maybe that brings your mind to kitchen appliances and tables. Iron Age Office has a selection of unique furniture like the IA Kitchen Island or the Swivel table to accent the most important room in the house. kitchen furniture

Next up would be the dining room. If you like to host, then a conference table would make the perfect dining room table for your beloved family and friends to gather around. Check out our stylish chairs to really leave an impression.

Last but not least, the bedroom. Your personal safe haven from all the chaos of everyday life and family. The AI Nightstand, Edwin Closet, and shelving units can match the energy of your home even in your bedroom for cohesiveness and relaxing comfort.

Utilizing metalwork or wood furniture as well as industrial storage solutions can bring your home to life. So, roll up your sleeves, unleash your creativity, and enjoy the process of crafting a unique industrial style home that truly speaks to you.


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