A Good Reception Desk Matters

We have always heard that first impressions matter, that fact isn’t lost when it comes to offices.  When clients come in the first thing they see is your reception desk. We believe that your office should make a statement from the start. 


It’s the first AND last thing clients will see

Everyone always thinks of the reception being the first people thing people see in your office, but it’s also the last. You want to leave your clients with an impression that will last. You want something that works in the office space. You don’t want it to look like you just throw the first reception desk you could find online in the space. People want to feel welcomed, but also get a feel for your business.  You only get one first impression you want to make sure it is a good one. 


It’s a workstation 

It goes without saying how important a reception staff is. We all know they don’t just greet visitors. You want to give them something that looks good, but is also functional. A reception desk should be able to feel secure, yet inviting. Your staff is dealing with personal information, but visitors also don’t want to feel like you are hiding from them.  They deserve a modern desk that empowers them. At Iron Age Office we believe that office furniture is made to empower employees. It should not just be another one-size-fits all desk. You want to show your reception staff how important they really are. We customize your reception desk for your needs. 


It’s an extension of your brand 

We have learned that brands are not just logos in today’s world. Your brand needs to be carried through your office. You don’t want a reception desk that just looks flimsy. When our customers purchase our Carruca Reception Desk they want something that is bold. To them a reception desk is the beginning of their journey through your company. They want something people will remember and be impressed by, which also leads them to be impressed with the brand as whole. 



First impressions are important in any setting but, in business they are crucial. Make sure your reception desk is a first impression you are proud of. 



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