Ergonomic Office Furniture: Chair Selection

We spend a lot of time talking about our desks.  How could we resist?  After all, the quality is second to none.  Despite this fact, the quality of one’s desk doesn’t really matter if they can’t sit in front of it.  Sure, standing in front of a height adjustable desk is becoming more common, but sometimes, you just need to plop down into a nice office chair.  We thought now would be a good opportunity to share 4 factors to consider when making your chair selection. ergonomic office furniture

1. Ergonomics

What’s a chair that isn’t comfortable?  This is one of the most important considerations to make.  It’s possible that you’ll end up stuck in this chair for hours on end, so you’d be well advised to pick a seat that treats your backside with the respect it deserves.  Perhaps even more importantly, pick a chair that provides your back with proper support.  The last thing you want is a chair that ends up giving you back pain.

2. Durability

Durability is something that’s extremely important for all furniture.  We’ve discussed its importance in relation to our desks, but a durable chair can be just as vital.  You don’t want to find yourself buying a new chair every year because the one you bought last time just couldn’t stand the test of time. ergonomic office furniture

3. Flexibility

While flexibility isn’t a word you’d necessarily associate with a chair, it’s more applicable than you might expect.  We’re not talking about how flexible it is, literally, but rather, does the chair work to accommodate your needs?  For example, does your chair move with you if you lean back?  Is it on wheels to allow for high mobility?  Can you adjust its height to work comfortably with your desk?  These are important questions to ask.  You may not even want the answer to be “yes” for all of them, but you’ll want to consider them, nonetheless.

4. Aesthetic

We’ve discussed the functionality of the chair, but what about how the chair looks?  The appearance of your seat can alter the atmosphere of your workspace more than you may realize.  Of course, we can’t give much specific advice here because this is all a matter of personal taste, but we encourage you to be mindful of the kind of style you’d like your chair to have.

As we tend remind when writing lists of this nature, there are likely many other factors to consider that we haven’t listed here.  Here at Iron Age Office, we offer a number of different chair options that take all the factors we listed into account.  Reach out today and see what we can do for you!


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