10 Tricks to Organize Your Office

Your office is your space to be productive, get ahead, close deals, be creative and so much more. So, why do we let it get messy so easily? Having a neat and tidy office space is important! It keeps our mind clear and helps us focus on the task at hand. Sometimes our work areas are messy because of a lack of organization.

Well, here are 10 tips to help your get your office space more organized than The Container Store.


1. Purge/Declutter Your Office

Decluttering your space is the first step in making it organized. Look around your office, what haven’t you used in a while? Get rid of it. Everything from furniture to paper. If you haven’t used it in months it’s just taking up space. If you haven’t used something because it is broken, get it fixed or replace it. Everything else, see ya.

2. Clear Off/ Clean Your Desk

Actually, clean your whole office. Taking everything off your desk and actually cleaning it feels really good, I promise. If you have more than just a desk, clean every inch of your space. Starting the organizational process in a clean environment will make it easier, also…. germs.

3. Proximity

What do you use frequently or daily? Keep those items in reach, whether that is on your desk or in a drawer close to you. Placing these items close by will cause less of a distraction when you need them.

4. Check on Your Filing System.

 Now that we are in the digital-first age, paper copies and filing cabinets aren’t needed as much. Go through yours and figure out if there are things you can upload to your computer, or what needs to stay in print.

5. Organize Your Drawers

Drawer separators can be a life saver. It looks a lot better when you open your drawers to find everything neatly there and separated, rather than pens stuck to tape that’s also attached to paperclips and what is all this loose paper? OK moving on.

6. Color Code

While this may feel extreme for some, others may find it extremely helpful. Coloring coding can be as simple as having different folders colored for different things: green-meeting agenda, red- important/pressing/to-do, blue- finished projects, etc. It can also spread into things like your to-do list, computer folders, and so on.

The main trick to color coding anything is that it needs to make sense to you. If red means complete and not urgent to-do, don’t use it for the latter. It’ll make it harder for you to adapt.

7. Use Containers

Storing all of your office supplies in containers and bins keeps everything neat, even if the inside of the container isn’t. Keep clutter at bay on your desk and in your area, can really help

8. Don’t Let Wall Space go to Waste

Wall space can go unnoticed, but adding shelves or folder storage, calendars, etc. on your walls, frees up other areas in your office. It also makes things that are important, like your calendar, in eye view, so you can easily see what you have on your schedule.

9. Clean Off Your Desktop

Not only is important to keep your desk and office space clean and organized, keeping your computer organized is also important. Searching through files can be annoying, so avoid it by taking the time to organize your computer system.

10.  Clean out Email

Emails can pile up, we all know this. Try taking one morning or afternoon a week to go through organize and clean out your email. Setting aside some time each week to do this will make it less daunting and give you a bit of a mental break.


All of these tips don’t have to be done in one day. Going a little bit at a time is completely fine! The one thing to keep your office organized is functional and professional furniture. Our products, from our desks to our credenzas can help you along the way.

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