RGU Architecture

A powerful environment is one that excites and leaves a lasting impression on all who enter. RGU Architecture focuses their purpose around the “power of design”, making them the perfect client to partner with Iron Age Office. When our furniture is described, the word “powerful” is used often. At IAO, we pride ourselves on making the highest quality, most powerful furniture on the market.  

Iron Age Office outfitted RGU Architecture’s office with a vast collection of furniture, including a reception desk, 5 Carruca L-Shape Desks and a massive Dover Conference room table. The end result was astonishing, completely opening up the entire space. Now, anytime a client walks through RGU Architecture’s doors, they’ll be left with a powerful first impression!

Working with RGU Architecture was such a great experience because their core belief lines up directly with that of Iron Age Office: create a powerful experience for the end user. At RGU Architecture, they listen to you in order to create a custom space, built for your needs. Iron Age Office works as hard as possible to achieve that same goal

At IAO, we firmly believe that the highest quality offices give birth to the highest quality work. Reach out today and see what we can do for you.

Finish Option: Decker Grey


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