NCIS: Hawaii

Through the years, we’ve got the opportunity to work with some unforgettable clients, helping them furnish their offices, homes, and now, police headquarters. NCIS: Hawaii is an American action crime drama and police procedural television series that spins off of the long-running series NCIS and the fourth series in the NCIS franchise. Iron Age Office was thrilled when the designers of the all-new NCIS: Hawaii came to us with the idea of furnishing the TV set for the NCIS headquarters.

We handcrafted a set of 4 Carruca L-Shape Desks, 2 Single Carruca Desks, and 4 IAO Sit/Stand Desks to fill the main floor of the NCIS: HQ. The final product is truly astonishing. It’s still surreal to see our iconic Carruca fill the space with the NCIS HQ. We truly are so excited about the opportunity to showcase our handcrafted furniture on live television and hope to furnish more TV and movie sets!

Watch the first FULL EPISODE of NCIS: Hawaii here:

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