We are thrilled to unveil the recent project completion for Lefkoff Law, a prestigious law firm based in Sandy Springs, Georgia. This transformative endeavor began when Steven Lefkoff, owner of Lefkoff Law, discovered Iron Age Office through our pinterest page. Inspired by our unique blend of industrial design and craftsmanship, Lefkoff Law partnered with us to create a workspace that not only serves functional needs but also exudes a sense of unparalleled professionalism and success.

For Lefkoff Law, it was crucial that their office not only functions efficiently but also impresses at first glance. To achieve this, Iron Age Office crafted a series of custom pieces that reflect the firm’s stature and aesthetic appeal:

  • Rowan Hybrid Table: A centerpiece, combining mobility with striking aesthetics.
  • Knight Desk V1: Specially designed for the main office space, this desk is the epitome of professionalism and sleek design.
  • Bistro Tables: These tables offer a casual yet elegant vibe, perfect for informal meetings and breaks.
  • IAX Table: A versatile addition to their conference room, accommodating various configurations.
  • IA Sit-to-Stand Desks: These ergonomic desks are tailored for comfort and health, reflecting the firm’s care for its employees’ well-being.

Steven Lefkoff humorously shared that the new office layout and design have left a significant impression on visitors, saying, “When people walk into my office, the first thing they say is ‘I didn’t realize you were so successful’.” This reaction underscores the impact of our custom furniture designs and the enhanced image they provide.

Iron Age Office is proud to have partnered with Lefkoff Law in creating an environment that reflects its success and professionalism. The furniture pieces, tailored specifically for Lefkoff Law, not only meet their functional needs but also elevate the firm’s aesthetic, setting a new benchmark in office design. We look forward to seeing how this new space propels Lefkoff Law towards greater achievements.

For more information on our projects and products, please visit our website or contact us directly. Let Iron Age Office help transform your workspace into a statement of success and professionalism, just like we did for Lefkoff Law.


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