Core Wealth Advisors

Core Wealth Advisors located in Lakeland, Florida came to Iron Age Office to help their office feel resimercial, while still giving off a bold look.

Core was wanting a workstation that provided ample space for creation and collaboration. They went with the Carruca Workstation with a shared return. Going along with a more collaborative feel they wanted a conference table that still spoke to the bold impression they give off. The Dover Conference Table was the perfect addition to give the office a bold look, and still bring in all the natural elements of the more home feeling office. Core knows how imperative space and storage is. The 72″ Edwin Credenza was a perfect addition.


“The evolution of Core Wealth Advisors originated from the phrase “at the core of every decision I make” and the realization that wealth management and planning is an evolving process with discussions beyond just investments. As the firm matured, we recognized the underlying principles and financial planning tools used to nurture long-term relationships with professional athletes scaled to those in other professions. Simply stated, Core’s boutique approach to wealth management and planning adapts to clients of a broad range of ages and earnings levels.”

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