Capelle Bros & Diedrich Inc.

Emmons Business Interiors combines their expertise with their vision to create a workspace that is both stylish and practical. Whether you need one new office chair, or need to outfit your corporate headquarters, EBI has you covered. Their client, Capelle Bros & Diedrich Inc. wanted an updated, modern look that would create an organic environment. Emmons Business Interiors has worked with Iron Age Office in the past, so we immediately came to mind when Capelle Bros & Diedrich Inc. explained their vision for their office. With our help, Emmons Business Interiors  was able to design a unique space for Capelle Bros & Diedrich Inc., one that will leave a lasting impression on all who see it.


  • Glenn Conference Table
  • Knight Reception Desk
  • Carruca U Shape (Height adjustable)
  • Knight L shape (Height Adjustable)
  • IAO file cabinets
  • Edwin Credenzas
  • Custom Fortis Desk
  • Alora Round Table

Finish Option: Provincial


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