The Anti-Cubicle workstation has arrived! Forget the cubicle farms of yesteryears. Our Anti-Cubicle Workstation gives you the collaborative workspace you are looking for, all while giving employees a bit of privacy in a modern open office setup.

The Anti-Cubicle Workstation is a four-person unit. We went bold with perforated sheet metal behind the cross-bar legs; and a privacy screen made of sheet metal. Here at IAO we don’t forget about productivity, every workstation comes with built in open trough. We don’t do one-size fits all at Iron Age office. We want to give your office space a sleek and industrial look.

When it comes to your Anti-Cubicle workstation you’re able to customize it all the way down to the stain. We want this workstation to fit your needs and look of your office. Employees are the backbone of your operation give them a space that promotes collaboration, creativity and productivity.

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