American Logistics

American Logistics offers high-quality, high-touch, reliable transportation management for all Medicare populations. They tailor the rideshare model to deliver a more purpose-built solution with a user experience that meets the needs of seniors and healthcare plans that serve them. Something very unique that American Logistics has done is team up with Uber Health to help safely navigate users during this pandemic. American Logistics has dispatched over 4 million rideshare trips using their logistics tech platform.

In order to stay so on top of so many moving parts, American Logistics has to have a smart, reliable team. Being that American Logistics is such a fast growing company, making big industrial changes in their industry, we found Iron Age Office furniture to be a very fitting style for their modern work environment and culture.

Iron Age Office outfitted through furniture dealer, Source COI, American Logistics with a full set of height adjustable desks and workstation. The style and design of the IAO height adjustable line fits perfectly with the rest of American Logistics updated office. Thinking of updating your home or office to a more industrial vibe? Reach out to

Finish Option: Medium Walnut


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