As you start your search for a unique look for your office, Iron Age Office is just the place to explore for the perfect industrial office desk. The resimercial design of IAO expresses individuality in your office or your home.


Iron Age Office materialized by the collaboration between graphic designer Sean Dineen and fabrication expert Michael Stephens. They first met on the soccer field, where Sean was visiting from Great Britain and coaching the kids’ teams. During the season, Sean was enjoying the hospitality of the families of his young athletes. When he and Michael met as Michael hosted a stay for Sean, neither was aware that a life-changing event was about to happen. They bonded immediately and shared ideas. Between Sean’s eye for design and Michael’s talent in his craft, a spark formed as the beginning of Iron Age Office.

Disappointed by the construction and boring design of the American corporate offices, Sean was motivated to create something entirely new and different for the office environment. Michael was kind enough to offer Sean some space in his warehouse to experiment with different materials. It wasn’t long before Sean took on small projects to design and build customized desks.

Sean started with small orders at first, and it didn’t take long for this idea to become a growing business. Sean noticed an increasing demand for domestically-made industrial products for commercial spaces, from corporate to retail. This was the start of his resimercial movement! Sean was inspired to create more designs and found himself wrapped up in the American dream. This dream drove him to add variety, and IAO quickly grew from there. Iron Age Office proudly offers a striking alternative to the ordinary brands, and all furniture, from the milled wood to the welded steel is hand-made here in Cartersville GA., U.S.A.

One of Iron Age Office’s first designs were industrial office desk. Desks came first, but the need for work tables wasn’t far behind, and that soon expanded to a need for an industrial office storage line created the perfect complementary pairing to their other workspaces.


Iron Age Office developed its industrial office tables with the idea of versatility. These tables fit perfectly into workplaces designated utility as well as they do for presentation. Our industrial office tables are built strong and sturdy enough for utility in a warehouse or machine shop, thanks to the welded steel and solid wood materials. At the same time, they are a showy piece of elegance and design.


Whether it be an office workplace or the home dining room, resimercial design creates a bold statement in either environment. The industrial style dining tables from Iron Age Office set the mood in wither place. Iron Age Office tables aren’t limited to straight edges. Our industrial round dining tables make their statement in smaller spaces and continue the design throughout the home and workplace, carrying the torch to complement the other IAO pieces.

Any of these industrial dining tables aren’t complete in your dining room until you add a beautiful matching industrial office storage piece. Choose customizable drawers and doors on the credenza and hutch, and your industrial office storage easily becomes a modern china hutch matching your industrial dining table all the way to the matching wood stain.

All of our designs are durable enough for indoors and out. If you like a traditional outdoor table, we have just the solution. The industrial picnic tables are the perfect option for your home or outdoor patios.


Workstations are no longer synonymous with boring, unimaginative boxes. The IAO industrial office workstations are made with the same welded steel structural components and finished with natural wood surfaces. The industrial office workstations are versatile and can either be compact for tight groups or expand to become generous workspaces. Either may include optional privacy screens and sit/stand desktops. IAO combines ergonomics and design with our industrial office workstations.

If you don’t need a full workstation but desire more space than the standard desk, our simple industrial work table may be the perfect solution for you. Simple in design, don’t be fooled. The industrial work table has the strength to endure any office or industrial utility function.


Our resimericial design features are more than workspaces. We also enjoy a softer side in our product line. Continue our resimercial style follows to your reception area, to industrial coffee tables with matching industrial end tables to give a bold welcome to your visitors. The combination of welded steel and natural wood bring a modern and warm feeling from the office and into your home. View our gallery to get real examples of how our design has been enhanced in a variety of environments.


Stay within our design families or over from one of the Knight family to Fortis designs and more. Be confident that each of our design families works together brilliantly.


Iron Age Office is proud of how our creations bring design and beauty to office environments to be as unique as you are. We believe in a workspace that is more than a place to work. Our vision is an environment that invigorates creativity and engagement. Partnerships develop in the workplace, and success is achieved in an inspiring environment. From an industrial office desk or work station, Iron Age Office creates an impression to employees and visitors alike. You want an environment that inspires confidence when it comes to negotiating and the drive to close that deal you’ve been working.

When you choose Iron Age Office, we take it to heart. We do so as we take pride in the craftsmanship of our products and the quality of the work we do. Each industrial office desk is made right here in our Cartersville, GA warehouse. We proudly create every piece to be superior to any other office furniture you will find.


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