Fortis Workstation

Fortis Workstation


For more information on pricing, please contact our sales team by emailing sales@ironageoffice.com.

Popular Dimensions
Benching L-Shape Height Adjustable
30″x60″/24″x48″ per person 30″D x 60″W/24″D x 36″W 30″D x 60″W/24″W x 48″W
30″x72″/24″x48″ per person 30″D x 66″W/24″D x 36″W 30″D x 60″W/24″W x 48″W
30″D x 72″W/24″D x 36″W 30″D x 72″W/24″W x 48″W
36″D x 60″W/24″D x 36″W 30″D x 72″W/24″D x 48″W
36″D x 66″W/24″D x 36″W
36″D x 72″W/24″D x 36″W


We can accommodate any dimension preferences you may have. Please contact our sales team at sales@ironageoffice.com to learn more.

Time Frame

Depending on the size of the order, the time frame can range from 12-14 weeks.

Setting the Scene

Finish options

Product Typicals