TORN Counseling & Recovery

Torn Counseling and Recovery Center takes an integrative, solutions-based approach to treatment for those who struggle with mental illness and substance use disorders. Right off the bat, we could tell Torn Counseling operated differently than a standard therapist or psychiatrist; Torn Counseling & Recovery represents the direction in which modern therapy and counseling is moving. Upon entering their facility, you’ll notice brightly colored orange and purple walls, a full workout room, multiple employee lounges, offices, and even a vault. This made Iron Age Office furniture the perfect fit for Torn Counseling & Recovery’s new space. That’s the beauty of Iron Age Office furniture, it enhances any atmosphere. After the install, we took our team over to see the finished the collection of individualized desks with personalized sheet metal perf.

Project Video:


Carruca Reception Desk (Majestic Perf)

Carruca Single Desk (Clover Leaf Perf)

Alora Single Desk (Gothic Perf)

Alora Single Desk (Grecian Perf)

Knight V1 (Mosaic Perf)