Why Buy “Made In America” Furniture

We often speak proudly of the fact that every product made by Iron Age Office is created right here the in the United States. There’s a wide array of benefits brought upon by domestic production, and we figured now would be a great time to highlight just a few of them.

Firstly, basing our business in America is hugely beneficial to the U.S. economy. This fact almost goes without saying, but it can easily be taken for granted. By placing more manufacturing opportunities in the United States, we also increase the amount of investment opportunities present in the country. Domestic production also reduces dependence on foreign markets. We have very little control over the economies of other nations, so reducing our reliance on them for manufacturing is incredibly beneficial for both American companies and the nation itself.

Speaking of “control”, manufacturing in the United States also allows for far more authority over the conditions in which your employees operate. Because all members of the Iron Age team work in the same building, we’re able to maintain the highest quality work environment for one another. Many countries fail to uphold even mildly decent working standards for employees, so by purchasing American made products, you refrain from supporting these unethical practices. We also retain far more control over the quality of our products. Manufacturing our IAO products overseas would force us to settle for furniture that simply isn’t up to our standards. This isn’t a compromise that we’re willing to make.

Perhaps the best part of being based in the U.S., and certainly the part that we’re most proud of at Iron Age, is the fact that operating domestically allows you to provide opportunities for your fellow Americans. These opportunities extend beyond the present and into the next generations as well. By planting the seeds of our businesses in our country today, we’ll provide a reliable working environment for our children tomorrow.

Iron Age has been firmly rooted in the American spirit since it was born, and that’s how it will always stay. Reach out today and see what we can for you.


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